so basicly I love this girl!


My life is boring thwese days but thats ok. I got this horrible pic today of me n my bff its so blurry ppl need to learn to take pics god damit! lol!! this is s at a amusment park!

omg I have this super crsh on this guy and he is 22 and bit old for me maybe? but the prob is that i dont think he likes me back :( and he always doesnt pay atention to me to. Ppl say he is a jerk or that he is just trying to play it cool and mayb really likes me. I dont have much boy expierance. Does neone have good advice? Hes the cutie next to me lol omg sooo dreamybye
so basicly I love this girl!


suthing went very wrong when i tried to post pics yesterday here.

shes all the way on the other side. he is NEXT to me and I am always happy with her
so basicly I love this girl!

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my bff sent me new pics that took her 4ever to get for some reason but there at are senior banquet.
here is my beutifull bff. love u gurl. get on livejournal its fun lol

im trying to convince her to be on here send cmments for her to to.
so basicly I love this girl!

my day in pics friday lol

here is my day in pictures from friday

had dunkin donuts!

posed lol

naughty :) andat the end of the day i cured my hair. please tel your opinons if it looks better curled or straight. bye for now
so basicly I love this girl!

oh my good!!!!!

ysterday night I saw maroon 5 in concert and my future husband Adam Levine lol!!! He came to camden yesterday!

Me and my mom made very cute shits. Check out miiiiine

and the view from the back

They are so amazing live and I made freinds at the concert. One lady was rude and told me to get out of her view lol.

cute right?

well talk later byes xo
so basicly I love this girl!

sucky day

well my day was hoooooorible. for one I had a party which everyone promised to come to but didnt. I am not kidding there was not one person there and I looked like a idiot becuz people promised to come but didnt. for two I am not in high school anumore but people still act like we are. I got made fun of today by people I didnt know for having a lisp WOW so I cant say s and stuff rght all the time big freakin deal!

so basicly I love this girl!

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EVERYTHING OF MINE IS NOW PRIVAT! It took awhile but I fianally figured out how to make it that way.
Thanks for all the rude and jealous comments I recieved. People are mean and gay. I would never dream of being as stupid and fucking hurtful as they were. At the end of the day I just realize they must be jealous. That is what my mother says to. I will never let rude internet people bring me down. Do you think you are hot? SHOW your face then BITCH!
so basicly I love this girl!


So alot has happened since I posted 4 the last time. I graduate !!!! I was so proud on that day, go me! I never thoguth I could make it through but I did. Heres the pics
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and im driving that is also my icon
That's all talk later freinds.