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britneybiotch's Journal

1 January 1930
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I HATE THAT GROSS UGLY THING VANESSA HUDGENS AND NO IM NOT JEALOUS! SHES UGLY! i truely beleive that i can be with zac efron one day and no zac efron is so not gay so dont throw those dumb rumors out there! Im better looking then vanessa too just so u know.
I love miley cyrus and avril lavigne. The reason I like avril is because she is just the coolest chick. She is real and there is no dening that. I love everything disney channel jonas bros, demi, selena, miley, ashley tisdale but NOT VANESSA HUDGENS. I DO NOT LIKE HER! She seems very rude to me and zac is way hotter then her. I think i will be with him one day but maybe I am delusonal hahaha
I like friends and making them. I am a very nice sweet person who doesnt descriminate about anything ever!

My favorite jonas brother is kevin which is not the same as everyone else.